#Office365 Project Time Reporter mobile app for #iOS released #ProjectOnline #PPM #Timetracking

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Yesterday saw the release of the Office 365 Project Time Reporter mobile app for Apple’s iOS, see the announcement here: https://blogs.office.com/2016/09/20/announcing-the-availability-of-office-365-project-time-reporter/

This post gives a walkthrough on getting started and using the app on your iOS device. Firstly download the app for your iOS device from the Apple store:


Once completed locate the Project Time Reporter app:

app icon

On first launch you will be required to enter the Project Online PWA URL:


You will then see the login screen:


Enter your Office 365 credentials and click Sign In and you will see the loading screen briefly whilst the data is loaded:


Once completed you will see the Timesheet for this period:


From here you can enter the actuals as needed. Using the green control menu at the bottom of the app you can scroll between timesheet periods using the previous and next buttons, add a row, save the timesheet, send the timesheet or filter the projects. Using the ellipsis in the top right hand corner you can access other timesheet options such as refresh, go to current period, summary, send progress for all tasks or manage timesheets. The app menu in the top left corner enables you to access the app settings, here you can switch to the tasks view or see the app settings. Below you will see screen shots of some of these features.

Firstly the app menu screen, here you can view Timesheet, Tasks or Settings:

app menu

On Settings you can view the PWA URL and username and turn on two options:

app settings

I turned on the planned time in my app:

timesheet with planned work

To enter time just click in the box for the day you want to add time to:

timesheet actuals

You can use the Save button on the green menu at the bottom of the app to save the timesheet or send the timesheet using the send button. If you have many projects on the current timesheet you can using the filter option:

filter projects

If you want to send progress, click the ellipsis in the top right corner:

timesheet options

Here you will also see other options such as Summary:

timesheet summary

Manage Timesheets:

manage timesheets

On the timesheet view you can add rows using the Add button on the green menu:

add row in TS

We have focused on the Timesheet view here but there is also a Tasks view that is accessible from the app menu > Tasks:


You can change the view by clicking the Current Tasks heading:

task views

You can access the task options to filter and sort the tasks using the ellipsis in the top right hand corner:

task options

Selecting a task will take you to the task details screen:


To edit a task click Edit in the top right hand corner:


Make any changes as needed and click Save or Send.

Download it today and see what you think – it will make the timesheet / task update process so easy when you are on the move!


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