Change required for #SharePoint Online / #ProjectOnline REST API calls when using WebRequest #PowerShell #dotnet #office365dev

Just a quick blog post to highlight a change the is required when querying Project Online / SharePoint Online REST APIs in code when using the WebRequest class. Previously the PowerShell code sample below would work and authenticate with no issues: There has been a change in Office365 and this would now generate a 401... Continue Reading →

Update multiple #ProjectOnline PWA Instances using c# .Net console app #Office365 #csharpe #PPM #PMOT

Following on from a post I wrote over a month ago regarding checking entities from multiple Project Online PWA instances, this post covers updating multiple Project Online PWA instances. The first post can be found below: In this post I demonstrate a way in which you can manage configuration across multiple PWA instances, for... Continue Reading →

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