#ProjectServer 2013 online change permission mode #Office365 #PS2013 #SP2013

Quick post to detail the steps to change permission mode for Project Server 2013 online. The default permission mode is the SharePoint permission mode, to change this to Classic permission mode (Project Server mode) see the steps below: Open PWA and click Admin > Project: Select the PWA site and click Project Web App >... Continue Reading →

First Look at #ProjectServer online #Office365 #PS2013 #SP2013

As you are probably all aware the preview for next version of Office was released earlier this week. https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/projectserver-2013-preview-sharepoint2013-msproject/ In this post I will give a brief intro to the new version of Project Server 2013. I will cover the look and feel and highlight some of the new features. The screen shots from the... Continue Reading →

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