Report on Project Server baseline save dates? #ProjectServer #PS2003 #PS2007 #PS2010 #MSProject #EPM

Quite often clients want to report on the dates when the baselines were saved. This information is not available out of the box in the databases using T-SQL. This post explains how to get this data into the database so that is accessible using T-SQL in the Reporting database. Firstly we need to create 11... Continue Reading →

Slipstream #Project Professional 2010 updates #MSProject #PS2010 #PS2007 #ProjectServer #MSOffice

Following on from my previous post Customising the Project Professional install, this post looks at slipstreaming the Project Professional 2010 updates into the Project install media. This simplifies the install as there is just one install file to run. This post will look at slipstreaming Service Pack 1 and the June 2011 Cumulative update into... Continue Reading →

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