Want to tag tasks with a Priority value in #Projectfortheweb? Well now you can #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #MSProject

Familiar with the Priority field in Microsoft Planner? Want the same feature in Project for the web? Well that is now available.Setting the task priority is available on the task detail pane, on the grid view or on the Group by Priority board view. These can be seen below.Using the task details pane the priority... Continue Reading →

#Projectfortheweb colour format buckets on the board view #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #M365

A new feature available in Project for the web is the ability to colour format the bucket board view, this is a great visual aid:To use the new option, hover over the bucket title and click the colour picker icon:Clicking this loads the colour picker:Select the colour you want and the column background for the... Continue Reading →

#Projectfortheweb choice field colour formatting options #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #ProjectManagement #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #Microsoft365 #PPM

Choice fields were released back in June 2021 for Project for the web as seen here: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2021/06/21/choice-fields-now-available-in-projectfortheweb-workmanagement-projectmanagement-msproject-microsoftproject-microsoft365-projecthome/. The choice fields have received a simple but useful update, you can now provide a colour format for the field:This enables you to visualise the data in a more engaging way. Clicking the colour picker option loads the... Continue Reading →

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