Check out the Mobile App for #SharePoint and #ProjectServer #ipad #iphone #android #SP2010 #PS2010 #SPC11

My colleague Giles Hamson has created a mobile app that provides RSS feeds from the SharePoint and Project Server communities as well as other useful information such as links to podcasts, user groups details etc. I have recently added links to the downloads on my blog: I highly recommend downloading the App to give you... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer task level and resource level custom field values in PWA assignment views #PS2007 #PS2010 #MSProject

Quite frequently I see questions relating to new task level custom fields added to the My assignments view on the Tasks page or the Timesheet views don’t show the custom field values set against the tasks. Similarly, new resource level custom fields added to the Summary view on the Resource Assignments page don’t show the... Continue Reading →

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