Supporting post for #ProjectServer 2013/ #ProjectOnline project fields displayed on project site #JavaScript #jQuery

As mentioned when I published the JavaScript code that displays project level information on the project site, here is the supporting blog post. The quick post that references the script is below: The script can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Gallery below: Firstly, as with the other JavaScript files I have published... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer 2013 / #ProjectOnline project fields displayed on project site #JavaScript #jQuery

Just a quick post to highlight a new script I have published this evening. This displays project fields on the associated project site. A full blog post will be coming soon that explains how to use the script and what would need modifying for your environment (custom fields etc.). The script can be downloaded below:... Continue Reading →

#Odata #SQL SSIS component now available for SQL Server 2012 #ProjectOnline #SSRS #SharePointOnline #SharePoint #BI

Quick post to let you know that the SSIS component to export data via ODATA that was mentioned here is now available for download, see the link below: This will enable you to copy data from Project Online into a custom SQL database, from there you can easily create SSRS reports, custom OLAP cubes,... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer #PS2013 #SharePoint #SP2013 #Office 2013 Service Pack 1 is released #SP1

Service Pack 1 has been released today for Office 2013, the links can be seen below: SharePoint 2013 SP1: Project Server 2013 SP1: Project 2013 SP1: SharePoint 2013 and other server related SP1: Office 2013 and related desktop products SP1: A list of the fixes for Office 2013 SP1: Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer #PS2013 #Project Site permission sync clarification #SP2013 #SharePoint #ProjectOnline

**** Update *** There has been a change to the project site user sync since 2013 was released, see the post from Brian below that explains the change and the change that is coming: *************** Just a quick post to make you aware of a design change in the Project Server 2013 project site... Continue Reading →

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