#SharePoint 2010 error setting PerformancePoint unattended account #SP2010 #PS2010 #HP

A short blog post to highlight a workaround to a recent issue we experienced on a Project Server 2010 deployment. When trying to set the PerformancePoint unattended account we received an error: The account credentials for the Unattended Service Account are not valid. Verify the domain user name and password are correct and that the... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer 2013 environment migration / rollover steps #PowerShell #PS2013 #MSProject #SP2013

This blog post will detail the PowerShell commands required to carry out an environment rollover / migration using Windows PowerShell where possible. The steps below use the 2 database approach to rollover over the Production environment to the Test / Development environment. As a prerequisite I would recommend taking full backups of the Test /... Continue Reading →

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