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Following on from a post / script I created a year or so ago to bulk create project sites, there have been requests to be able to bulk delete projects sites. I have been reluctant to do that as i am always cautious when “bulk” deleting! The script i have created reads the list of projects from a text file so that the user running the script knows exactly what project sites they are going to be delete. The script can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script gallery below:


The text file will need to be created with a list of projects names from your PWA instance – ONLY INCLUDE project names for the project sites you want to delete – all site data (lists, documents etc.) will be deleted as the site will be deleted! The only scenario I would really use a script like this is if I wanted to delete all of my project sites, if I only needed to remove a handful I would do it manually via the UI. The example text file can be seen below:


Update the location of the text file and text file name for the Get-Content command.

The web service proxy URLs will need to be updated for your PWA instance, replace the http://vm753/pwa with the correct URL.


The script can be seen running and deleting sites below:

From the PowerShell ISE:


All data from the project sites will be lost so please use this with care and only enter project names in the text file for projects sites and project site data you no longer need.

Run the script with a PWA administrator account.

Fully test this script on a test / non-production PWA instance before running on any production environment. As a precaution, take full database backups (PWA and SharePoint Content) before running the script on the production environment so that you can roll back if needed.

The script is provided "As is" with no warranties etc.


#Project virtual conference: call for speakers now open #ProjectOnline #ProjectServer #PPM #ProjectVConf

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Following on from my post the other week regarding the announcment of the Project Virtual Conference, post here: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/announcing-project-virtual-conference-for-microsoft-msproject-projectonline-and-projectserver-ppm-projectvconf/, the call for speakers is now open:


If you are interested in speaking at this event, please do submit your sessions before 24th July.

#ProjectOnline / #ProjectServer 2013 update Owner label on PDP #JavaScript #jQuery

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A quick post to support a very simple script to change the Owner display label on a Project Detail Page page. Quite often clients request to change the Owner to something else such as Project Manager. The script can be downloaded from the script gallery below:


This code will replace “Owner” with “Project Manager” but can easily be updated.

To get the script to work you will need to download the following jQuery library: jquery-2.1.1.min.js – jQuery download Another version of this library may work but this was the one I used / tested with. Upload this library to your PWA site collection then update the script file with the correct location. I uploaded this file to the style library as you can see in the code below:


Alternatively you can reference a CDN if preferred.

Once the script is downloaded, upload this to the PWA site collection, in this example it was uploaded to the shared documents library. Select the PDP that has the Owner field displayed, then reference the uploaded script using the content editor web part:


In this example it is the Project Information PDP.

Once loaded, Owner will display as Project Manager:


This is a very simple script but do test this before rolling out to production etc.

The script is provided “As is” with no warranties etc.

#ProjectServer and #SharePoint 2010 / 2013 June 2015 Cumulative Update #PS2010 #SP2010 #PS2013 #SP2013 #MSProject

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The Office 2013 June 2015 Cumulative Updates are now available, please see the links below:


Project Server 2013 June 2015 Server Roll up package:

Project Server 2013 June 2015 CU:

Project 2013 June 2015 CU:

Also worth noting, if you haven’t done so already, install Service Pack 1 http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/2880556 first if installing the June 2015 CU.

The Office 2010 June 2015 Cumulative Updates are now available, please see the links below:


Project Server 2010 June 2015 Server Roll up package:

Project Server 2010 June 2015 CU:

Project 2010 June 2015 CU:

SP2 is a pre-requisite for the Office 2010 June 2015 CUs.

As always, fully test these updates on a replica test environment before deploying to production.

Announcing #Project Virtual Conference for #Microsoft #MSProject, #ProjectOnline and #ProjectServer #PPM #ProjectVconf

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Announced today is the “Project Virtual Conference”, which is a free online conference on 22nd October 2015 that will run for 24 hours – get the date in your calendars 🙂

The conference is focused on Microsoft Project, Project Online and Project Server and is being organised by a volunteers with a lot of support from a few Project MVPs.

To stay updated follow the Project Virtual Conference site here: http://projectvirtualconference.com 

Follow the Twitter @ProjectVConf handle and use the #ProjectVconf hashtag for all Twitter activity.

CPS’ PS+ solution is an Award Finalist at the #Microsoft Partner Awards #WPC15 for #PPM #ProjectOnline / #ProjectServer

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I am pleased to announce that CPS’ PS+ solution was an Award Finalist in the recent Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2015 in the Project and Portfolio Management Competency. This is the second year running that the PS+ solution has been an award finalist.

PS+ logo

For a full list of winners and finalists see:



Great work to all the partners that received awards.

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