Change required for #SharePoint Online / #ProjectOnline REST API calls when using WebRequest #PowerShell #dotnet #office365dev

Just a quick blog post to highlight a change the is required when querying Project Online / SharePoint Online REST APIs in code when using the WebRequest class. Previously the PowerShell code sample below would work and authenticate with no issues: There has been a change in Office365 and this would now generate a 401... Continue Reading →

#ProjectOnline Project level #HTML fields to a #SharePoint list #PowerShell #PPM #Office365

Following on from my previous mini series of posts for including the HTML formatting in Project Online Power BI reports, this post is a supporting blog post for the PowerShell script I used in the 3rd post. For those that missed that mini series of posts, the links are below: Part 1: Part 2:... Continue Reading →

Update #ProjectOnline Resource custom field values using #PowerShell with data from #AzureAD user attributes #PPM #Offce365 #ProjectServer #CSOM

This blog post will demonstrate a simple example of how Microsoft’s PPM tool, Project Online, can include / sync metadata from Azure AD user attributes to resource custom fields in Project Online. This example script will update the resource custom field “Job Title” on my test tenant with the data from the Azure AD user... Continue Reading →

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