Customise #Project Professional 2010 installation #ProjectServer #PS2010 #MSProject #Office2010

When deploying client applications within an organisation this needs to be as simple as possible. With the use of the Office 2010 Customisation Tool, deploying Project Professional 2010 can be made very simple. This blog post explains how to configure your Project Professional 2010 installation media to automatically set certain settings during the installation. For... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer 2010 Resource names dropdown menu issue when editing Projects in PWA #PS2010 #Project #EPM

I recently came across an issue with the Resource Names dropdown menu when editing Projects in PWA with Internet Explorer 7.0. The issue is that when you click the resource names field for a task at the bottom of the IE window in PWA so that the menu opens upwards above the task you are... Continue Reading →

How to check the #Project Professional 2010 service pack / patch level #ProjectServer #PS2010

Following on from a previous article relating to checking the farm patch level, I have quickly documented how to check Project Professional 2010 patch level below. The previous article can be found here: To check the patch level for Project Professional 2010, launch Project Professional 2010. Click File > Help > Additional Version and... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer 2010 PSI data to a text file using #PowerShell #PS2010 #Project

I recently looked into accessing the Project Server PSI via PowerShell, luckily I came across this MSDN article that helped: I needed to get the data into a pipe delimited text file without using compiled code (I’m not a developer!). I have done this before with T-SQL and SSIS but I wanted to try... Continue Reading →

How to check the SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 service pack / patch level #PS2010 #ProjectServer #SharePoint #SP2010

This article will show how to check the farm version for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010. The farm patch level can be check in the Central Administration site, click “Upgrade and Migration” then “Check Product and Patch Installation Status” The patch level of all farm components will be detailed here,... Continue Reading →

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