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Do you receive the error below when trying to relink a Project Site to Project in PWA > Server Settings > Project Sites?

The Web Site does not exist or is not configured for Project Server. Enter a Web Site that has been extended with a Project Server compatible template.


You will normally run into the issue if you have deleted a Project from Project Server, not deleted the Project Site, create a new project plan and then want to relink the original Project Site. If your Project Site is based on a Project Server template then the usual cause for this error is that either you have %20 (URL encoding for a space) in the Site URL or a default list such as the Risks or Issues list has been deleted and maybe a new custom SharePoint list with the same name has been created instead.

Firstly instead of using the %20 for the space actually put a space in the address box, for example use PWA/PM 1 instead of PWA/PM%201. If that doesn’t resolve your issue it is usually caused by the default risks or issues list being deleted. When you relink a Project Site using the Edit Site Address button in PWA > Server Settings > Project Sites it will validate the site by checking if the default Project Server Risks and Issues lists are present on the site.

There are two methods to relink this Project Site back to the Project if you have deleted the default list or lists.

The best option would be to recreate the default lists as described in this article: This would mean having to recreate all of the list items again, but would mean that you don’t have any Reporting Project synch WSS errors in the Project Server queue when you publish the associated project.

The other option is to relink the Project Site as it is using the steps below. In this example the Project is called PM 1 with a URL of PWA/PM 1.

  • Navigate to the PM 1 site and click Site Actions > Site Settings > Title, description and icon and edit the URL to PM 1z and click OK.


  • Create a new blank site for PM 1 in PWA > Server Settings > Project Sites with a URL of PM 1


  • Navigate to this new blank PM 1 site and click Site Actions > Site Settings > Delete this site then click Delete (confirm it is the blank site before deleting!)


  • Navigate to the PM 1z site, click Site Actions > Site Settings > Title, description and icon and edit the URL to PM 1 and click OK.


  • This original Project Site is now linked back to the new Project

Hope that helps anyone facing this issue.



  1. […] had lost track of the existence of such lists, and aggregated reporting would then be broken. Error Relinking Project Site to Project in Project Server 2010 gave guidance for how to recreate the default lists. A caveat here and only reason this was an […]

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