#ProjectServer #ProjectOnline example report #PS2013 #SP2013 #Office365 #BI #Excel #PowerPivot

Following on from a post I wrote last month where I detailed creating a highlight type report for Project Online using ODATA and Excel 2013 / Power View, below details another simple example for a project cost / work dashboard with cumulative totals. The highlight report post can be seen below: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/projectserver-projectonline-highlight-report-example-ps2013-sp2013-excel-bi-office/ Firstly add the... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer #PS2013 / #SharePoint #SP2013 site template issue

When creating new site templates in SharePoint 2013, ensure you check the box to include content. If you don’t do this, any sites created from your new template will have the “Change the look” functionality missing, it will load a blank page as shown below: To resolve this, include the content when saving the new... Continue Reading →

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