Copy Project from the Model Driven Project #PowerApp #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #Projectfortheweb #WorkManagement

You’ve been able to copy a project in Project for the Web UI for a while now – blog post here: The ability to copy a project from the model driven app wasn’t released at the same time but I happened to notice that this feature was available in the model drive app:I’m not... Continue Reading →

Import MPP project files in the model driven Project #PowerApps #Projectfortheweb #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement

Earlier this year Microsoft added the ability to create a new project in the Project for the web UI by importing from an existing Project desktop MPP file, before it was added to the UI it was possible via a script. The Project for the web UI option is detailed here: option was missing... Continue Reading →

New filtering options in #Projectfortheweb #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement #TaskManagement

It’s been possible to filter the tasks in Project for the web for well over a year now but when this feature was first released it was only a keyword filter – this can be seen here: then later on the ability to also filter by Progress was added. Recently Microsoft enhanced the Filter... Continue Reading →

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