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Following on from my last blog post where I started to extending Project for the Web, this is the second post in this series. For those of you that missed part 1, this can be found here: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2019/12/13/extending-projectfortheweb-part1-ppm-cds-msdyn365-powerplatform-msproject-powerapps/

So in the last post we covered creating / updated the entities in Power Apps by creating entities, fields, adding / updating forms and views etc. I also showed screens shots of my “Project PPM” model driven app as seen below:


In this post we will create the new app to bring it altogether, I will create a new app called “Project PPM – Blog” which I will use to walkthrough the process. From the Power Apps site click Apps > New app > Model-driven as seen below:


Complete the form as needed then click Done:


This will then load the app designer as seen below:


Click the Site Map option to add areas, groups and subareas to your app:


Click on “New Area” and update the title as required, do the same for “New Group”. Then click “New Subarea”:


As you can see, in the right hand properties panel, this is where we link this to the entity as seen below where I have selected the Project entity:


Now click Components and drag on a new Group:


I’ve called my new groups “Logs” as this is where I will have my “Issues” entity and other entities such as Risks, Actions etc.:


Now click the Components tab again next to Properties and drag on a new subarea:


Link this to the newly created Issue entity:


Now click Save, then once completed click Publish in the top right corner so the status updates to “Published”:


Now click Save and Close and you will see the following in the App Designer:


Click the Save button in the top right corner to save the app. Then click the Validate button on the top right corner and resolve any Issues or Warning as needed. In my example there are two warnings but I’m OK with those:


Then Click the Publish button in the top right corner to Publish the app. You can also Play the app from here if required. Click Save and Close. The new App is now available to me:


That completes part 2 of the series, we have our new Project app to build on then eventually share with others as required. Next up we will look at adding more entities into the app.

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