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In this blog post we will look at a different option for managing project logs, in this case Risks. I previously covered adding Risks into a custom model-driven Power App here: but this time we will look at a different option. For this option we will use the SharePoint site that is used by the connected Microsoft 365 Group, so for this option, your Project for the web project would ideally be connected to a Microsoft 365 Group already.


Firstly we need to access the SharePoint site for the project. In this example we will use my demo Exchange Online migration project:


This project is already connected to a Microsoft 365 Group. Click on the Group Members button in the top right corner and click the arrow to the right of the group name as outlined in red below:


This will take you to the group:


To access the SharePoint site for this group click the About tab then scroll down to Apps and click Site:


This will launch the SharePoint Team site for that group:

SharePoint Site

From here we will create a new list using the New > List option as seen below:

New List menu

Click “Blank list” from the “Create a list” modal:

List options

Provide a Name and Description if required:

List details

Click Create to create the new list. This will provide a new list with a Title column as seen below:

New blank list

Use the “+ Add column” option to add the columns to the list to support the requirements for this particular project. Here is my example Risk list:

List view

And the form:


Here is the list with some data:

List view with data

There it is, a new Risk log for this project. Now let’s add it into Microsoft Teams so we can manage the project and the Risk log in the Team channel. I already have the Team set up and the project added in a tab:

Project in Teams

Now I will add a new tab to enable access to my new Risk log. Click the + icon to load the “Add a tab” window and select SharePoint:

Add a tab

Scroll down the list to find the Risks list. As this Team was linked to the Microsoft 365 group that is used by my project, this SharePoint tab experience is automatically linked to the correct SharePoint site.

Risk list

Select the list and click Save. The Risks list will then be displayed in a new tab:

Risks in Teams

You can also use the new Microsoft Lists experience to create the Risks list directly from the Teams tab, click Lists:


Then click Save:

New Lists

Click “Create a list”:

Create a list

Provide a name and description:

List details

You can then create your columns from here:

New list

That’s it, a nice simple way to make use of SharePoint to enhance the capabilities of Project for the web.

I have a new post coming up soon on using Microsoft Teams for Project – so we will cover more Teams goodies then.

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