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For a while now you have been able to import Microsoft Project .mpp files into Project for the web via an API using PowerShell. This is documented here: This capability has moved to the Project Home user interface now so this is much more end user friendly! The API route could still be useful for bulk / batch .mpp file imports but for limited number of .mpp file imports use the UI. In the blog post we will take a look at this new feature in Project Home.

Accessing Project Home, if the new feature has reached your tenant yet, you will see the Import from Project Desktop option as seen below:


Firstly lets take a quick look at a Project Desktop .mpp file that I will import:

mpp file

Here we have a simple project plan with summary tasks, tasks, milestones and assignments also with 2 tasks 100% complete. Now in the Project Home UI click the Import from Project Desktop option. This loads a modal window as seen below:


As per the details here, not all Project Desktop .mpp file data will be imported – to see the full list check out this page: Click Choose .mpp file then navigate to the location of the Project Desktop .mpp file and open it. This will load the new project page with the data from the .mpp file loaded, you will also see an Import complete modal window that informs you of the unsupported data that was not imported and also the project calendar update:

import complete

Click OK to close the modal. There we have it, my Project Desktop .mpp data in Project for the web:


I updated the Project for the web view to include the same fields as the Project Desktop view:

view update

There are some slight changes to the data on the import for this particular Project Desktop .mpp file, something to be aware of. For example, notice the duration and the % complete differences between the original .mpp file and the data imported to Project for the web:

  • Task1
    • .mpp file duration 5.5 days
    • P4tw duration 5.38 days
  • Task2
    • .mpp file duration 2.75 days
    • P4tw duration 2.63 days
  • Task3
    • .mpp file duration 3 days
    • P4tw duration 3.13 days
    • .mpp file % complete 50%
    • P4tw % complete 52%

This is likely due to the project calendar differences. The default calendar in my Project for the web environment has a default working time set to 9 AM to 5 PM (this is the standard default calendar) where as my Project desktop client is using a working of 8 AM to 5 PM. If you want to change the working time / calendar in Project for the web, see the page: Create and apply a work calendar in Project for the web – Project for the web | Microsoft Docs.

Take a look today and see what you think, another great addition to Project for the web!

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